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My name is Keiran, but around these parts I go by aeliox. I make iOS apps, but am wont to dabble in other medium as well. I currently reside in sunny San Diego, California with my beautiful wife and daughter. That's me over there looking serious.

My academic education is in film, both production and theory (I am always more than happy to have an intelligent conversation about film, so feel free to hit me up) and I've spent my fair share of time as a graphic designer and web developer before becoming an iOS developer. All of these experiences play a heavy part in what I do, how I do it and who I am in general.

Beyond the warm glow of my monitors, I play soccer, golf and I'll never pass up a run or a trip to the beach. I enjoy a good video game and love the films of Stanley Kubrick, Darren Aronofsky and Yimou Zhang (in no particular order). Also, I like beer.

Notable Accolades —
· AppStore “Best New App” – Reissued
· AppStore “New & Noteworthy” – Blurtopia
· AppStore Feature – HelvetiNote™
· AppStore Feature – Cowbell2010
· TNW's “12 Most Beautiful Apps of 2012” – Rechner
· 2012 San Diego Venture Group Pitchfest Winner – Blurtopia
· 2013 San Diego Venture Group “Cool Company” – Blurtopia

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